Pebbles House in Seaton

About Us

Peter & Julie are your hosts at Pebbles House. We have been the owners since October 2015. We took on Pebbles House as an existing business and we have kept the standards up that were laid before us.

Peter is from London and his career was as a chauffeur for over 43 years. During that time Peter started off working for a company chauffeuring famous entertainers, actors & actresses and many rock stars. Among these were Keith Richards for three month's and most of The Rolling Stones, Phil Collins, Sting, David Bowie, Kate Bush, Lulu, and too many to list.

Peter then went on to work for a famous English Lord who had a disability, so Peter became not only the chauffeur but a valet also.

The Lord travelled abroad for holidays and Peter had to accompany him, this meant that Peter got to go to Paris, Rome, Florence, Baden Baden & Jerusalem. The icing on the cake was a Christmas trip over to Babados in 1992 which ended with a flight back to London on Concorde. So, for a driver Peter got around a bit you may say!

Peter had always wanted to have a business of sorts and came on the idea of buying a Bed and Breakfast. Being that Peter had stayed in many during his time, he felt he and Julie would take to the business very well as they both had people skills.

At the time of writing Peter and Julie have worked the business for 8 years with a few more years yet to run. We always put our guests first and nothing is too much trouble for us to serve our guests. Guests privacy and comfort is paramount to our business model. Please respect us and in turn we will respect you.